Mixed Media Collage Artwork for SaleBarbara McIntyre’s mixed-media collages explore her fascination with the sea and the creatures therein. Her desire to make works that house imagery of fish, birds, texts and patterns alike stems from her early childhood. Her grandfather taught her how to fish at age nine, which gave her the confidence to conquer activities not commonly assigned to young girls. From then on she grew to have a great admiration for the outdoors, and vowed to stay connected to the “wild things” she shared this world with through her art.

Additional elements of her collages lend themselves to surrealism and stream-of-consciousness compositions. McIntyre works in steps, where the hand-colored background papers softly set the stage for collaged dream-like imagery to begin narrating a story via placement. Color and form remain strong devices for contemplation, as her fresh palate reflects both the ocean she has come to know so well and the land she lives on.

McIntyre is also avidly engaged with sport fishing, and she is even known to make small collages while out at sea. Because of her instinctive interest in the animal world, the connectedness of humans, animals and art developed naturally. She continues to delve deeper into her art-making practice while keeping her intrigue with animals and life’s natural patterns front and center.

McIntyre quickly fell in love with the process of collage as her desire to create grew exponentially. She has collected unusual, imported and handmade papers for many years. Pasting, image transferring and composing visual narratives is aided by her various hand-tinted papers, original antique papers, oil pastels and liquid acrylic paints. Together, the intricate layers of images and mediums create a glimpse into the peaceful depths of attending to the natural world.

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