Original Encaustic Paintings for SaleMy encaustic work started out of a love for color and an infatuation with the encaustic wax, its translucency, delicious colors and the smell of bees wax. As in all my work it is another area I can  experiment, take chances and some times fail. In an atmosphere where I try to let go of everything I know and simply put things together because they feel right, I try to block out what thy may connotate or symbolize and focus on the color, texture and feel of the composition.

When I say, in a description that the piece is created on a prepared wood panel,  it is prepared on a cradled board made of pine frame and  Birch plywood then sealed with a spray sealer, then 80lb watercolor paper is applied to the wood surface. Several coats of beeswax and encaustic medium are then applied and fused into the paper for a secure ground on which for me to build my artwork. Generally I use a 5 to 1 ratio of Bees Wax to Damar resin, when  I am working with either casting or embedding heavier items I have made up a special medium that is 3 parts bees wax to 1 part Damar resin so it cures out with an extra hard surface.

Heavy items are either screwed or wired through the wood to ground them.

These are a sampling of my works in this medium. Please contact me for availability